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Cuban links

Cuban link chains are the most attractive kind of jewelry. They are graceful necklaces that everyone can wear. Cuban links chain connected in a rope with egg shape links that looks very elegant. Let us discover more knowledge about chain Cubin link together.

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The foundation of the cuban link chain started in 1970. It regards as the hip-hop jewelry movement. The fashion of chains was in its glory in the 1980s. These chains are still trendy because of their luxury design. They are available in various designs. You can choose them according to your wish.

gold Cuban link

Who can wear Cuban links?

Do you curious to know about Cuban chain links available for you or not? Let us explore the answer to your question now. We explain some people who can wear them.


Cuban links are very important for rockstars. It has become the fashion to wear them in the showbiz industry. These chains are one of the reasons behind the popularity of rockstars and help them to become celebrities.

Hip-hop star

Cuban chains have been wearing by hip-hop stars from very old times. Chains help to become more faddish and glossy. Hip-hop stars purchase costly chains to show their fans that they belong to the upper-class community.


If you are a man, you can wear a cuban link man chain without any hesitation. Our company is making special Cuban chains for you. If you want to buy any type of chain for yourself, you can visit our website. We are providing you best quality chains.


It is not true that Cuban links are not for men to wear. These links are available for women. If you are a girl and want a faddish look, you can wear chains. If you want to purchase chains for yourself, kindly click here.

When you wear Cuban links?

You can wear Cuban links chains on any occasion. If you want to wear it daily, you can wear it too. For your convenience, Let us discuss some occasions on which you wear Cuban links chains to increase your glamorous look.

Summer party

Do you receive a summer party invitation? Are you going there? The best suggestion is that you should go there with an informal look with a Cuban chain. People not only attract you but also admire you on your party look.

Formal look

Are you an office boy/girl? If yes, you can wear Cuban links with your formal dressing. By wearing a chain, you can increase the formality of your personality. A girl with jeans can wear a Cuban chain. A boy can wear it with his three-piece suit.

Designer look

It is a dream of everyone to look stylish. Stylish people or designers have a specific dressing style for a classy look. They usually wear Cuban chains for a fresh designer look. You can also enhance your beautiful stylish look by wearing Cuban links chain.

 gold cuban chains

Metals for Cuban links

They are mostly formed with pure materials. We are discussing some metals that used to make cuban links for your ease.


Cuban link gold chains are available in any jewelry store. 14k gold chain cuban link makes with pure gold. The yellow color of the 14k gold cuban link chain is very attractive. Gold cuban link chain is expensive and not easy to buy them.


The silver cuban link chain has a very shiny look. It is affordable because it is not much expensive as compared with the cuban link gold chain. It seems like diamond chains.

White gold

Cuban link chains made with white gold look very elegant. Cuban links chain made with white gold and rhodium plating is most sellable. Most influencers, celebrities, and rockstars buy white gold cuban links chains that are very expensive.


Cuban links prepare from platinum. Cuban link chain with diamonds looks like platinum. Some jewelers use cubic zirconia in these chains because it is cheaper than platinum. So, they use cheaper metals to add stones on the platinum-made cuban links.

Cuban chain


Cuban chain links are formed with pure material. So, they are very expensive. Diamond, silver, gold, and platinum are very costly metals. The chains made from them. You can choose stainless steel chains which have not very high prices. You can easily afford them.


Cuban link chains have many sizes. You can select cuban links that will suit you. There are some sizes available of cuban links.

  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm

The standard or ideal length for chains is 12 millimeters. But it is totally up to you that which chain length you like.

Colors of cuban links

You can make cuban links with different materials. So, the color of cuban link chains have very different colors and you can choose according to your choice.

There are three popular colors which present and trendy these days.

  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Rose
Cuban diamond chain

Miami cuban link chains

Cuban link Miami chain is the special type of cuban chain link. In Spanish, the second name of this chain is cadena de eslavon Cubano. It is heavier than the curb chain. It has a round shape. It is thicker than a normal curb chain. It has similarities with franco chains.

Let us take an example to understand the difference between them.

Miami gold cuban chain

Length + Size                10mm + 26”

Gold amount                10k

Weight                           200 gram

Curb gold cuban chain

Length + Size                10mm + 26”

Gold amount                10k

Weight                           70 gram

You can see the difference. Miami cuban link is 130 times heavier than the normal cuban curb link chain. So, It is your wish to choose any of them.

Diamond cuban link chain

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All information about the Cuban chains is available in this article. The discussion about its history, user, size, colors, and comparison with Miami cuban chains presented here. I hope you get answers to all your queries which you face about cuban chains.

Franco chains

Franco chains are drastic chains that interlace with each other tightly. Franco chains have V-shaped and their pattern is very strong. Franco link chains are unique and flexible. Franco link chain is very faddish that wear by famous hip-hop stars. Jewelry lovers wear and collect Franco chains.

Do you have a quest to get more knowledge about Franco chains? Let us start to explore Franco chains together.

History of Franco chains

The name of Franco link chains came from Italy. The manufacturing of Franco chains started in Italy. Italian jewelers make Franco chains for the first time. Franco chains have four-sided. The design of the Franco chain scratched from the Miami Cuban link chain. Now, the fashion of Franco chains spread all over the world. Manufacturers of Franco chains present everywhere in the world. You can buy Franco chains from any corner of the world.

Franco link chains

Size of Franco chains

Franco chains are available in every size. Every size of Franco chains has its attractiveness. There are some sizes of Franco chains available here.

  • 1mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 2.75mm
  • 3mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4mm

You can pick any size of Franco chains according to your dressing or personality. Heavy or small Franco chains will suit you according to your outfit.

Franco link chain pendant

Metal for Franco chains

Franco chains are classic simple chains made up of gold, silver, and white gold. 14k Franco link chain is the best chain, whatever the material which you want for your Franco chains. Here, you can get information about the material of Franco Chains.

Gold Franco chains

Franco link gold chain is the most adorable chain that you can wear in a casual routine as well as on function. The yellow gold has its shine. If you buy a Franco chain, you have invested in your life. The fashion of gold Franco chains will never outdated. You can use Franco chains at every stage of your life. A gold diamond cut Franco link chain is the most elegant Franco chain which is famous in this age. 14k gold Franco link chain is the pure form of the Franco chains. The cost of gold Franco chains is not expensive in comparison with the white gold Franco chains.

14k gold Franco chain

Silver Franco Chains

Silver Franco chains are very attractive. The magnificence of Franco chains made them unique and resilient. The beauty of Franco chains is long-lasting. You can easily clean Franco chains with the help of warm water and liquid soap. Silver Franco chains are economical. You can easily buy silver Franco chains even if you have a meager budget. Silver Franco chains link look like a diamond. It attracts the attention of more people.

White gold Franco chains

White gold Franco chains made up with white gold. Some jewelers use cubic zirconia during the preparation of white gold Franco chains. These Franco chains are very expensive. You can buy Franco chains made with white gold if you have a huge budget. But white gold Franco chains are cheaper than the platinum Franco chains. White gold Franco chains are easily accessible, you can purchase white gold Franco chains from any jewelers. You should also be careful of these jewelers who make fake white gold Franco chains.

14k white gold Franco chain

Franco chains versus Cuban chains

Franco chains and Cuban chains have much difference in themselves. Let us see the difference between Franco chains and Cuban chains together.

Franco chains are four-sided chains that cross with each other. Cuban chains have an oval shape which bisects in string design. Cuban chains have the customary look. Franco chains have a classic look. Cuban chains are very thin compared with the Franco chains. The size of 6mm of Cuban chain is equal to the 3.5mm size of the Franco chains.

If you want to suggest that what is the best chain for the pendant. I’ll suggest you the Franco chains are the perfect match with the pendants.


When you buy Franco chains, you should be careful to maintain them as well as your health. Let us discuss two factors of precautions that you need to know.

Advice for your health

The famous saying is “Health is Wealth”. So, it is very important to be careful about your health. So the first question which arises that Can you wear Franco chains whenever you sleep?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you have thick Franco chains, they may become the cause of rash or redness on your skin. Thin Franco chains mostly do not create any side effects.

Do you feel irritation, when you wear Franco chains?

If yes, you should never wear Franco chains during your sleeping hours. You should be careful about the size of Franco chains.

If you have Franco chains that tightened with your neck, they may obstruct your breathing. You should not wear these Franco chains during sleep.

Maintenance of Franco chains

If you have Franco, you must know about the maintenance of the Franco chains. If you have gold Franco chains, you should not wear them all the time. Gold Franco chains lose their shine over time.

Do you have pendants with the Franco chains? Do you have delicate Franco chains?

If yes, you should not wear them during sleeping. Franco chains may break or miss during sleeping.

If you have constant contact with lotion, gel, or sweat, you should not wear Franco chains because the chemicals in them can become the cause of loss of the shininess of the Franco chains.

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Franco chains are an integral part of jewelry. Franco chains are favorite necklaces for you.  We discuss in this article the history of Franco chains, size of the Franco chains, material for the Franco chains, and precautions after purchasing the Franco chains. Jewelry lovers, hip hop stars, celebrities, children, women, and men can wear Franco chains to look elegant. I hope you will buy Franco chains due to the beauty of Franco chains.

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Diamond bayou selection of jewelry

Diamond Bayou

Diamond bayou company is a United States jewelry retailer. This company has become one of the great first-class gem dealers in the retail shopping complex. It has a retail outlet that provides a wide diversity for visitors-seeking superb standards and outstanding prices in the first-class jewelry.

Customers can use the firm’s payment feature when purchasing a product. Additionally, some websites sell trendy hot and custom-built jewelry for each day, such as DiamondBayou.

As a global online jewelry marketplace, the company specializes in the production and wholesale of a broad arrangement of beautiful layouts for diamond jewelry. These layouts involve bracelets, chains, earrings, engagement rings, and wedding rings. Additionally, the company specializes in custom-built orders and can produce anything from customized hip hop necklaces to customize engagement rings. Thus, as a customer, they’ll present you with a large assortment of designed products. Indeed, the sale of these products is at a reasonable price.

As a diamond jewelry producer and broker, the DiamondBayou company cuts out intermediaries in the jewelry distribution. Also, it provides you straight savings on all its products. Fortunately, you’ll have an assurance of getting your jewelry at a reasonable price. Above all, this global diamond marketplace has different jewelry types for all genders. Thus, it has an offer. Indeed, this offer includes you placing a bid on a designer ring collection and getting $50 off the price.

The firm’s website offers a broad diversity of jewelry. Additionally, to brush up any appearance, as a consumer, you’ll get to enjoy free freight if your orders are $150 or more. Furthermore, the website also provides discounts to customers who make the first order.

If your forecast is a few cash more, you’ll have an assurance to discover something at DiamondBayou. Indeed, as stated earlier, the firm’s website offers free shipping on orders valuing $150 or more.

Diamond Bayou

Ever since this jewelry retail company was debuted, it has consistently been at the top. The firm has been using only the most beautiful gems and first-class metals. The necklaces are accessible from the company’s stylish layout. There is as well attractive jewelry that you can access.
The Diamond Bayou company has been the go-to gem dealers for regal, desiring to have an individualized assembly. From time to time, the firm has gone through changes to captivate the customers’ taste.

This company is well-known for the observance of its history of art-deco but generates different lines that commemorate the old world stylish too. As a global diamond market place, the DiamondBayou company targets upper-middle-class consumers. Also, this firm provides high-level services with improved jewelry products’ selection.

This jewelry retail business has excellent standard jewelry. Their Gem is extra cheap than other jewelry shops. Therefore, if you’re looking for stylish and sophisticated jewelry, DiamondBayou is the jewelry store to look into.

Diamond Bayou review

Diamond Bayou

Diamond Bayou has transformed the way individuals purchase diamond engagement rings by providing less expensive stones and custom-built rings. The firm’s diamonds are legit. However, since they are inexpensive than diamonds in traditional stores, it’s easy to understand why some people looking for a diamond may doubt. The cost distinction is all in the business type. Like BlueNile company, the Diamond bayou jewelry retail outlet does not have the overhead expenses of traditional diamond dealers, and they advance that saving to the customers. From BlueNile reviews, it has been discovered that this firm has a vast assortment of jewelry on its website, mainly sufficient to assure that you’ll find something that meets your taste and financial plan. This company has an extensive collection of round diamonds, the most well-liked form for engagement rings by far. However, if you search for something extra special, they also carry emeralds, radiant diamonds, marquise, etc.  The company has untarnished repute customers. Who can be sure that this is where they can discover any gem jewelry.  

Diamond Bayou the global jewelry retail outlet

Since its inception, the Diamond Bayou online retail store has become one of the enormous sellers and processors of diamonds globally. Their customized commitment to consumers and unyielding demand for standard, choice, and value similar to Zales has made them a jewelry dealer you can rely on. Because of its size and buying power, as Jared the company provides you the best selection of products at the most excellent price. 

Years of experience 

By providing the most exquisite jewelry and serving its consumers for numerous years, this company  has become one of the globes largest and most reliable jewelry dealers. They guarantee that you’ll relish your diamond’s brimful, ideal beauty and brightness for a lifespan. Therefore, they back each diamond buy with their lifetime diamond devotion. 

Is DiamondBayou jewelry real? 

Diamond Bayou currently holds a global jewelry online store. The company deals in diamond jewelry and provides a vast diversity of engagement rings. Contrary to the loose diamonds and surroundings accessible from internet sellers, this company’s engagement rings are of reasonable cost and, in general, deserves the additional premium. 

What credit score do you need for Diamond Bayou?

The straightforward jewelry credit card to obtain is any credit card involving those from DiamondBayou and Helzberg. You have about a similar opportunity of having all of them since they are all shop cards that need reasonable credit (640+) for acceptance. 

Can you negotiate prices at Diamond Bayou?

Yes, you can be able to bargain with DiamondBayou or obtain a Jared credit card. Since they are a global retail outlet, they are capable of negotiating the pricing. Occasionally, they manage promos where they take a small scale percent off the ring’s price.