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Loose Diamonds In
360° HD

The Smart Way to Buy Diamonds

A certificate tells a small part of the story, but seeing a loose diamond in 40x superzoom lets you really get to know your diamond.

Design your engagement ring with the perfect loose diamond.

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Real-time diamond consulatation

Interact with your favorite loose diamonds in real-time together with our non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts. They will call you to share their screen with you and walk you through the diamond attributes in superzoom magnification.

  • Find your favorite loose diamond.
  • Click the Real-Time Diamond Inspection button.
  • Interact with the diamond in real-time together with our non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts, available 24/7.

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  • Round Cut

    Round Cut

    Round cut diamonds maximize light return and sparkle, and are the most brilliant of the diamond cuts.

  • Princess Cut

    Princess Cut

    The second most popular of the diamond shapes, the princess cut is designed for maximum brilliance.

  • Cushion Cut

    Cushion Cut

    The cushion cut resembles a pillow and has an antique feel and a distinctive, romantic appearance.

  • Emerald Cut

    Emerald Cut

    A stunningly beautiful diamond cut with long lines that give the stone an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Oval


    Oval cut diamonds serve to elegantly elongate fingers, creating the optical illusion of length.

  • Radiant


    Radiant Cut Diamonds combine the stylish square or rectangular shape with the brilliance of the Round Cut.

  • Asscher


    Bright, shiny and extremely clear in appearance, asscher cut diamonds allow you to see right through the stone.

  • Marquise


    The Marquise cut diamond is a boat-shaped brilliant stone, considered to be a “classic” choice for engagement rings.

  • Heart


    The ultimate symbol of love, the heart shaped diamond is among the most romantic of the diamond shapes.

  • Pear


    Tradition and brilliance are combined in pear shaped diamonds, creating a stone which makes light 'dance.'

Design Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Design Your Own
Diamond Engagement Ring

Select from hundreds of stunning engagement ring styles and add a
brilliant loose diamond of your choice. Or begin by selecting one of
200,000+ loose diamonds and match it with a beautiful ring setting in the
precious metal of your choice.


Lab-Created Diamonds

Our lab-created diamonds and Earth-Created diamonds offer identical sparkle and chemical composition. The core difference between them is their origin: Earth-Created diamonds are sourced from below the earth’s surface and offer a timeless effect; Lab-created diamonds minimize environmental impact and allow you to maximize your budget.

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